HEAR from the man who travelled the world in 80 days when his 2020 stage tour comes to the Regent Centre, Christchurch, on Saturday, February 29.

Mark Beaumont, a TV presenter and broadcaster, made this Victorian fiction a two-wheeled reality by cycling an average of 240 miles a day. He completed the 18,000 mile trip in a total of 78 days and 14 hours, smashing the previous world record by 82 days.

Following his round-the-world bike race, Mark cycled 13,000 miles down the length of the Rockies and Andes, climbing the highest mountains in Alaska and Argentina.

He also covered the length of Africa, solo, in 2015, cycling 6,718 miles in just 41 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes.

Off the bike, Mark has ocean rowed the high Arctic and Atlantic, surviving despite capsizing in the latter. He has recorded many of his adventures on film, producing several epic documentaries over the last decade that have taken viewers to more than 100 countries.

An accomplished public speaker, Mark will share his personal rollercoaster of mental and physical endurance, as well as shedding light on the world we live in.

Complete with films and photography, he will discuss what it takes to plan and execute thrilling yet dangerous expeditions, focusing on topics of team management, logistical planning, risk assessment and motivation.

The talk begins at 7.30pm. Tickets are £17 or £15 for under-18s, available from the Regent Centre website or box office.