I AGREE with much that Jack Oakley writes in his letter (December 28) with regard to astonishing absence on BCP website of any references to chief executive Graham Farrant, let alone welcoming messages from himself and the leader of council, Cllr Vikki Slade.

But more than this, there is a chronic need for forums on BCP site, for people to post and share views on public matters.

Ward area meetings ended some six years ago and nothing has replaced them. The need then is surely to make the most of modern websites and invite the public to express, and share in public, their views on council issues.

In 2012, I think it was, we were invited to input into Poole council on major Ashley Road developments. Many of us inputted but to this day we don't know what others inputted – that then leaving council with all the power to make decisions, with us the public not knowing the overall picture of public views.

Or take the public toilets in Upper Parkstone. Everyone in the area, residents and businesses, bitterly opposed the close down. But what do we get, councillors leading people to think there would be "alternatives", with council then demolishing the toilets.

We need, and urgently, full public inclusion in public forums, all issues, all wards. If we don't have this then we don't have a "council" in the true sense. Indeed it is striking in communist countries (China, Vietnam, Cuba) this is what they do have. Every locality, every village, has its "commune", cooperative community policy centre. All are included. But not in Dorset in "advanced" UK 2019.

JUSTIN WALSH, Bournemouth Road, Poole