A WOMAN has been reported after a car was driven onto a live railway line at a train station in Purbeck.

The car was destroyed in a fire next to the level crossing at Wool station earlier this month.

An investigation was launched following the incident on Friday, December 20, which led to trains between Weymouth and Bournemouth being suspended until the following morning to allow engineers to ensure the network was safe. Replacement bus services were put on while the line remained closed.

Network Rail said British Transport Police (BTP) were leading the investigation to find out why the car ended up on the track.

BTP have now said a woman has been reported driving without due care and attention.

The driver, a 56-year-old woman, and her passenger escaped unhurt.

BTP say the car caught alight after connecting with the live rail at the station.

The incident, in which the car was engulfed in flames, took place around 9.50pm.

Network Rail engineers removed the car and confirmed there was no damage to the third rail, which carries electricity for the trains to run.

Wool railway station has a gated crossing for motor vehicles on the A352.