Can you give a forever home to any of these pets?

Dorset-based animal rescue centre Margaret Green Animal Rescue is hoping to find homes for animals in its care this week.

Kitty the cat is around 7 years old and a friendly lad looking for his forever home. His age is a bit of an estimate as he was a stray.

Kitty would like to be the only pet in the home but he might able to live with older children.

Mia is a 7 year old sweet lady cat looking to be the only pet in an adult only home. She prefers to be around people but not necessarily interacting with them. Kitty loves sunbathing in the garden and is a very homely girl, not wishing to venture too far.

How about Moon, a 4 month old Guinea Pig looking for a forever home with his brother Shine? They are young lads who will need regular handling and lots of space to run around in.

To rehome any of these pets, please call Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre on 01929 480474.

Striker, as his name suggests is a handsome three-year-old male Greyhound, who is very affectionate and loves to lean right into you for a fuss. He would be able to live with fellow sighthounds and older children but not cats or other small animals.

Best friends Flo and Lee are retired racing greyhounds looking for a forever home together. Flo is fawn coloured and Lee is Brindle and White, and they could live with other medium-large sized dogs, older children but not cats or small furries.

Finally, there is Martin, a very handsome five-year-old male Lurcher. He can be a little unsure when he first meets new people but once he gets to know you he is a very affectionate boy. Martin would be more settled as the only pet in a calm adult only home.

To rehome any of these dogs please call Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre on 01929 471340.