I WRITE into Bournemouth Echo to express how appalled I am with the impenetrable state of BCP council.

Clearly council has gone to great efforts to ensure we have no idea who is running the council. Truly an impenetrable fortress.

On BCP website our £170,000 a year chief executive quite simply does not exist. You will not find one reference to the man running the council anywhere on the website.

Nor is there one reference to any heads of departments, or strategic directors.

A truly anonymous council that has closed down any all contact with directors and managers running our council.

And worse again, I note in the Echo over now seven months not one letter response, to any of the huge issues impacting on us all, from council leader Cllr Vikki Slade. Or for that matter from any of the cabinet.

I would expect, as any large organisation, photos and welcoming messages from the CEO, and leader, on the website front page.

With introduction of key staff and councillors who take responsibility for council departments, I would have thought executives and leading councillors would have been proud to say who they are and glad to reply to public opinion.

But no. Not a grain of interest from our new council.

All the huge issues that effect us all and council turns into a ghost ship.

Shame on you CEO Graham Farrant, and council leader Vikki Slade.


Penn Hill Ave, Poole