FLOOD concerns have been reiterated in connection proposals to build up to 143 homes on land north of Ringwood – after images were taken showing the site clearly underwater.

Around 500 objections have been submitted to New Forest District Council.

Applicant Gladman Developments formally submitted outline proposals in December 2018, but no planning committee date has been set so far.

One resident, who snapped the picture of flooding on the proposed site, told the Daily Echo: "Local residents see the land flood every year with a lake forming up to one metre deep in places.

"One local man told us that planners must be mad to consider building houses on the site which is more suited to wading birds and otters."

Meanwhile, the latest position of the Environment Agency is also one of opposition.

In a letter submitted to New Forest District Council earlier this month, Environment Agency experts say the applicant's use of flood modelling from an adjacent application, Lake House, is not appropriate.

They said: "We can understand the wish to use this modelling but we do not agree that this is appropriate for this site given the differences in scale – the Lake House application was for a replacement dwelling which is relatively low risk.

"This application is for a major development of 143 dwellings."

The Environment Agency goes onto say that the flood risk assessment plan submitted by developers "does not therefore provide a suitable basis for an assessment to be made of the flood risk arising from the proposed development."

If the project gets the green light it will feature up to 72 affordable housing properties across 11 hectares of land.

Residents in Snails Lane have questioned the appropriateness of the development site. Aside from the flood risk they say the site contains potentially hazardous waste and reported human remains.

Concerns have also also been raised about traffic and access to the site off the A338 Salisbury Road.

New Road resident Tracy Monkcom told the council: "The Ringwood to Salisbury Road is already congested and too many people have died on this road."

And in her opposition statement, listed online, Glynnis Stirton, of Market Place, Ringwood, said: "Houses built here will end up with damp problems over time as it is a flood plain.

"This will end up with a sickly community.

"I have been ill from black mould in the past and it is something to be avoided."

Alongside the homes, Gladman propose 1.68 hectares of open space, 4.13 hectares of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), an informal footpath/cycle link and a “comprehensive” surface water drainage scheme.