POLICE have released shocking photographs of a crash in a bid to warn drivers to take care over the Christmas period.

Details about where the crash took place have not been released by officers from the Dorset Traffic Cops team.

However, they show the wreckage of a silver car after firefighters used special equipment to cut free a driver trapped for more than an hour and a half.

The bonnet of the car is buckled and the roof has been entirely removed.

The steering wheel has also been ripped away, while glass from the windscreen lies cracked on the ground beside the car.

An officer from the team said the images have been released to make drivers think carefully about their actions.

"Would you want to be sat in the driver's seat of this vehicle? Is driving too quickly, taking unnecessary risks, drinking or drug driving or being distracted in your car really worth it?" the officer said.

"Would you like one of our family liaison officers to knock on your door and support your family if you receive life threatening, life changing or fatal injuries this Christmas?

"If the answer is no, then don’t do it."

The officer added: "The driver of this vehicle was mechanically trapped for over an hour and a half as rescue workers battled to release them.

"Fortunately, the driver sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries."