THE Liberal Democrats unfortunately took a hit, in the general election, however my suspicion is they will bounce back.

I remember when David Steel, as leader of the Liberal Party, told his supporters, to prepare for government. Jo Swinson (tongue in cheek) said if she became Prime Minster, would revoke Article 50. That was a fair comment, and if the public had voted in the Liberal Democrats with a majority, that would have been the action taken.

However it was a big ask of the public, knowing that so many people had been brainwashed by Nigel Farage, who still believes the EU is somehow bad for the UK. Farage, having been once a Conservative.

Labour took a kicking because they just could not make their minds up as to what, they actually were backing. Leave or Remain!

Boris Johnson remains a total embarrassment and that will be shown within the next few months. I would not be too surprised that a number of Labour MPs defect to the Lib/Dems as could some Tory members of Parliament, once they realise Brexit is not the answer, for Britain.

We have SNP wanting to take Scotland out of the UK, and what about Northern Ireland.?

How many firms, companies, and organisations will now pack their bags and leave the UK? Indeed individuals, with some kind of wealth. Because it is they who are going to have to cough up to pay for the tax increases, or suffer cut backs in social services, education and so on. The EU will not give the UK any support for leaving, when it was the UK who decided to walk away.

Other nations around the world will not now trust the UK and would rather have trade deals etc, directly with the EU.

Where does that leave the Commonwealth?

The larger Commonwealth members are already lining themselves up with trade deals with the EU, bypassing the UK.

We know Boris Johnson is no good at answering questions. He simply quotes statements lodged inside his brain. Very similar to Donald Trump.

Readers, do not be too surprised if Boris Johnson is forced out, by his own Party and replaced by another. Where once again we the public, had no say.

Hopefully in the meantime the Liberal Democrats can find more quality parliamentary candidates.


Bisterne Close, Burley