I WAS saddened, but not surprised, to learn that research conducted by Privilege Insurance, has concluded that as far as 'Millennials' are concerned, good manners is an outdated concept – although apparently they regard breaking off communication with someone on (anti)social media as a faux pas!

Shockingly, almost half of those who took part in the survey admitted that they would not give up their seat on public transport for pregnant women or the elderly.

A few weeks ago, I was standing on a packed bus. When a very frail, elderly lady with a white cane boarded – not a soul had the decency to offer her a seat until I shouted very loudly "Would someone under the age of 30 (and there were many) mind giving up their seat for this lady?"

Apropos of which, I think bus-drivers could be a great deal more pro-active in requesting passengers to show consideration and vacate their seats for pregnant women the elderly and those for whom standing in a moving vehicle is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant – but dangerous.

Parents and schools should drum it into children from a very early age that good manners, courtesy and politeness are the mark of a decent human being – as proclaimed by the motto of Winchester College (founded in 1382) "manners makyth man".

Lack of manners and common courtesies are symptomatic of an increasingly selfish society.

Shame on those Millennials!


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth