A FEARLESS convenience shop worker took on a knife-wielding robber before forcing him to flee the scene empty handed, all caught on CCTV.

Ozcan Yildirim was working alone at Wallisdown News in Bournemouth on Friday evening when a masked man stormed into the convenience store and demanded the money from the till while pointing a large blade over the counter.

Instead of doing as the man ordered, Mr Yildirim initially attempted to fend him off using a box of National Lottery till roll.

They then engaged in a tussle over the desk, during which the knife slashed the palm of the worker’s hand.

Bournemouth Echo:

The raider grabbed hold Mr Yildirim’s shirt as the dispute continued before the shop worker fought back with a series of blows.

The 36-year-old managed to disarm the raider and remove his mask and jumper as he left the scene.

Bournemouth Echo:

Mr Yildirim, who was treated in hospital for the wound to his hand, told the Daily Echo: “He came into the store and demanded the till money. I didn’t get an opportunity to say anything to him, he didn’t give me a chance.

“He tried to stab my hand. I started to punch him and he got scared. He tried to run but I took the knife from him and his mask and jumper came off.

Bournemouth Echo:

To be honest I thought it was some sort of joke at first until he stabbed me in the hand. He just came in for the money and nothing else.”

CCTV footage from the shop captured the incident, which took place in the space of a minute.

Before the robber came into the shop Mr Yildirim had been on a video call to his girlfriend.

She remained on the line while the altercation took place.

Mr Yildirim said at first his girlfriend thought he was playing a prank on her.

The store is owned by Mr Yildirim’s brother, who has been running the business for the past 14 years.

“We have never had anything like this before, I have never seen someone with a knife,” said Mr Yildirim.

“After the man ran away the next door neighbour came round to check I was okay and we called police.”

Bournemouth Echo:

A Dorset Police spokeswoman said: "Dorset Police was called at 9.05pm on Friday, November 29, to a report of an attempted robbery at Wallisdown News on Wallisdown Road in Bournemouth.

"A man threatened a staff member with a knife and demanded for money to be emptied from the till.

"An altercation occurred during which the victim sustained an injury to his hand. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

"Officers attended and carried out a search of the area for the offender.

"An investigation is underway into the incident. No arrests have been made."