A NEW cheese and charcuterie shop will be opening in a former funeral parlour in Southbourne.

'Parlourmentary' will be opening its doors to the public on December 7, enticing people in with the smell of rich cheeses and cured meats.

James Fowler is the owner of several distinct companies that form unique dining experiences across the Southbourne High Street, and he is also the driving force behind 'Parlourmentary'.

James has always sold various cheeses outside his restaurant The Larder House at Christmas time, but wanted to expand his horizons this year with a shop dedicated to the well-loved food.

He said: "I am keen on supporting the dairy industry as well as local businesses. We mainly have European and British cheeses and meats in the shop.

"We are working closely with dairies in the West Country to establish a close relationship with the producers and owners."

Despite only launching 'Parlourmentary' in December, James hopes that his plans will continue to expand and result in Southbourne having its own cheese in 2020.

The decision to house 'Parlourmentary' in a former funeral parlour wasn't due to it being a unique if slightly morbid location, rather that it is convenient.

Although the site was previously a place that is considered dark and dismal, James hopes to bring a modern and fresh approach to the shop.

He explained: "I have tried to make the branding of 'Parlourmentary' on trend and cool to avoid the stereotype of a traditional cheese shop with old wicker baskets."

"I have included neon items to make it bright."

As well as considering the presentation and style of the shop, James has also thought about how to get local people involved.

Future plans include a cheese-making session at Parlourmentary, where people can create their own unique cheese with a personal twist.

Sustainability is also on the agenda for James: "Eliminating the use of single-use plastics within the business is very important. Supporting local produce is also something that we hope will be very sustainable."

Inspiration for 'Parlourmentary' struck when James felt nostalgic regarding his childhood shopping experiences.

"I want kids to have the opportunity to get close to cheese whilst having fun. It's a chance for people to see and experience cheese outside of the supermarket."

'Parlourmentary' will officially open on December 7, and will be open all year round.

It will be open from 10am - 7pm to give people the chance to visit the shop after work.

Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PARLOURMENTARY/