A DRIVER spotted driving at almost double the speed limit in Westbourne last week told police he was 'going for a sandwich'.

The motorist was one of seven people stopped by Dorset Police's No Excuse team for speeding during the course of a day.

However, his excuse wasn't the worst officers heard.

One driver told the team: "I'm sorry – I'm late for a nail appointment."

Another motorist had been delayed by lunch and was running late to meet a client for an appointment.

A spokesperson from the team said: "The highest recorded speed was 55 miles per hour in a 30mph zone.

"He was going for a sandwich."

The man is due to appear in court, officers say.

"Among the others, one vehicle was stopped and after an initial denial by the driver, further checks were completed and the man was found to be disqualified from driving," the spokesperson said.

"He was reported to court for allegations of having no insurance and for disqualified driving, which is the total disregard of a court order.

"The vehicle was also seized."