AFTER we reported that Poole High Street was named 'UK's Most Declining', nearly 400 of you took to our Facebook post to comment on the announcement.

Many of you expressed disappointment – but there wasn't much surprise at the news.

The conclusion was reached by company Asktraders, who looked at bank and retail store closures and compared these figures against percentage growth of the retail sector in UK high streets.

Some thought that the decline of Poole High Street is a result of the internet.

Jenni Dennett said: "I was shocked the other day when I went into Poole at how many empty shops there were, but it's just a reflection of people internet shopping. Habits have changed."

Others stated that the cost of rent is the main issue, particularly for smaller businesses.

Ian Kings said: "I think the problem is high rental prices of the properties or taxes.

"It’s like a ghost town walking past those empty shops. The only ones that seem to survive are the big brands."

Maheraw Thomas said: "The rates of high street property have gone through the roof.

"There needs to be more regulation on rents, then this cost wouldn’t have to be passed onto the consumer. Then more shops could make a proper profit margin."

Despite Poole being considered to host some of the wealthiest areas in the UK, the report from Asktraders showed that the high street had a -4 per cent retail growth.

Joanna Bedford-Sarjeant said: "It’s SO miserable and grey.

"Any individuality is being stamped out. The introduction of the ‘new cinema complex’ will further Poole High Streets’ journey into charmless obscurity."

Cheryl Stiddard added: "Poole the second largest natural harbour in the world is a total dump.

"It's a grey, dismal sight. Why? It has all the right ingredients.

"Sandbanks at the entrance, islands in the harbour and lovely areas of woods and sea birds but the town is one of the ugliest places on earth."

Although many of you were not surprised by the fact Poole High Street is struggling, some of you mentioned positive aspects of the town.

Amanda Shearmon said: "I quite like the Dolphin Centre for an hour or three of shopping.

"We need one off unique shops for a complete revamp of the area; more seating, a security presence of some sort and street entertainment."

Peter Vivian added: "Went into Poole shopping area last weekend for the first time in over 25 years (I live in Poole) and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was in the Dolphin Centre and how all the downstairs premises were all full.

"However the bus station is very run down and depressing."

Ben Bowman said: "Get people flowing through and you’ll bring life and soul back to it.

"Reduce car parking charges and more toilets."