A NEW show at Shelley Theatre will ensure that that you will never look at history the same way again.

Histories of The Unexpected: The Tudors comes to Shelley Theatre on Saturday, November 30. The chart-topping book and podcast from Sam Willis, one of the country’s best-known historians, and Professor James Daybell, looks at this period in history in a gripping new way, and one that is tailored for the stage.

The show demonstrates how everything has a history — even the most unexpected of subjects, such as clouds, shrinking and fire.

Sam said: “Historians have a duty to entertain. The last thing we want to conjure up is the image of two historians lecturing to a bored audience! To bring our show alive we have worked with an award-winning playwright who turned our innovative view of the past into reality with props, audio, and animation.”

Last year the pair toured their original multi-period show across the country but for their new show, the focus is defined on a particular period — the Tudors. Sam added: “The Tudor period is just so full of stories and ideas. It presented the ideal opportunity to bring it alive on stage.”

Sam and James don’t just want to entertain audiences but to inspire them to think about the past in a new way and explore the history that they find interesting.

Sam adds: “Everyone is a historian. History is something that has happened to all of us. Everyone answers differently when asked what it is that interests them about the past. History is not something that should be done just by professional historians: we want to inspire everyone."

* To book, visit shelleytheatre.co.uk or call the box office team on 01202 413600.