POLICE have been called in after drivers frustrated by long delays in Wimborne ignored traffic signals, officials say.

Manually-controlled temporary signals are in place on the B3078 Julian's Road due to works by South West Water.

The work began on Monday, and isn't due to end until Friday.

However, police have been called in after annoyed motorists began ignoring the traffic lights.

A spokesperson from Travel Dorset said there is ongoing "disruption" across the town centre, partly because of the works near Julian's Bridge.

"An operative is on site manually controlling the temporary lights," the official said.

"We've spoken to the water company about their works in Julian's Road and they expect to complete the works by Friday, should everything run to plan.

"They cannot remove the traffic lights at peak times as it would be neither safe nor practical to do so, and would extend the duration of work.

"Standard working hours are 7.30am until 5pm.

"However extended working hours – until 7pm – have been agreed to get the work done sooner.

"Manual control of the temporary lights will continue morning and evening.

"We have notified Dorset Police of reports of drivers going through red lights, at the temporary traffic lights.

"This is not only unsafe, but is causing unnecessary delay for other drivers going through the works."

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