MULTI-MILLION pound plans to redevelop a Creekmoor primary school have been submitted.

BCP Council has applied for planning permission to completely rebuild Hillbourne Primary School – a year after councillors approved the £9 million scheme.

“The children of Waterloo and Creekmoor deserve to have a local school that is fit for purpose, where the boilers work consistently, the lighting allows them to see their work clearly, the water is drinkable (or at least not orange), the buildings are structurally sound and the windows all open,” a statement submitted with the plans says.

Work on the Kitchener Crescent site will involve demolishing existing buildings and replacing them with a single "u-shaped" two-storey teaching block.

In order to subsidise the project, the council has proposed constructing homes on the northern and southern ends of the school site.

Final proposals for this part of the scheme have yet to be put forward.

A similar project was approved by Poole council in May 2008 but scrapped shortly after due to “a change in investment priorities”.

School headteacher Helen Roderick has urged the progression of the latest plans, describing them as “a long time coming”.

She said the existing layout meant the school had to have two sets of reception and lunch staff.

“Our budget, tight anyway as our roll is falling, has to cover the heat, light, maintenance and staffing for two buildings rather than one,” the statement adds.

“Both buildings require additional staffing which further challenges us financially.”

Poole council estimated the cost of the redevelopment would be £9 million with plans for as many as 100 houses on the edges of the site expected to bring in £4.6 million.

Despite the plans involving the use of part of the school’s playing fields, Sport England said it had no objection to the application.

Council planning officers will consider the application in the coming weeks.

Previous estimates forecast the project would be finished by the end of October 2021.