PLANS to redevelop a disused care home in Bournemouth have been approved.

Holton Homes has been given permission to demolish Summerhayes Lodge in Wimborne Road and build 17 flats and houses in its place.

It follows the refusal of the developer’s previous plans for the site earlier this year – a decision which was supported following an appeal.

“The amended development…successfully overcomes the previous reasons for refusal and issues considered by the inspector when dismissing the subsequent appeal,” a report by planning officer Charles Raven says.

“It results in an appropriate development that makes more efficient use of this largely vacant brownfield site.”

The previous application proposed the construction of 24 houses and one flat but it was opposed by Bournemouth council.

It said the development was too large and also criticised the design of the buildings when it refused planning permission in February.

The decision was appealed but the inspector examining the case backed the position of the council.

A new application was submitted in July with the developer saying it had overcome the concerns.

And at the end of last month BCP Council approved it, despite it providing four fewer parking spaces than its policy required.

“The scale of built form when compared to the previous application has been significantly reduced and the appearance revised to give the buildings a more domestic finish,” Mr Raven’s report adds.

“Originally submitted plans provided a development of 18 units arranged as 17 flats and one dwelling.

“However, the size of the buildings were still considered excessive and, following discussions with officers, amended plans were submitted which reduced the number of flats from 17 to 16.”

The amendments also included providing an internal bin store and a reduction in height of the main block and the separate house.

Mr Raven said the shortfall in parking could be overcome because there was “sufficient street space” for extra vehicles.