A POOLE family who were cruel to two dogs have been banned from keeping the pets for three years.

Catherine and Darren Wenman, both of whom live in Slepe Crescent, appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court last week to admit a string of animal welfare offences.

Both Catherine Wenman, 56, and Darren Wenman, 33, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a Jack Russell called Daz and a collie called Amber on dates between November last year and May this year.

The pets both had chronic skin conditions and needed proper care for their dental diseases. The Jack Russell also had conditions affecting its eyes and ears, as well as muscle wastage.

The defendants each admitted five charges. Both have now been ordered to pay fines of £500, as well as £200 costs.

In addition, they have been banned from owning or keeping any dog for three years. The pair won't be able to apply to the courts to have the order overturned until 2021.