NEARLY 60 years after a Poole firm launched its iconic lava lamp on the world they’re doing it all over again -- only bigger.

Mathmos, which is based in Holton Road, is releasing the iO, its giant version of the light which, to many, epitomises the psychedelic interior design vibe of the 1960s.

The iO is a shade under 78cm tall. Designed by British heritage brand, Mathmos in collaboration with award-winning light designers J.Coles and J.French, the new lamp is made of precision cast metal. It will become Mathmos’ largest production lava lamp to date, said the company.

The iO comes in three colour combinations, has two viewing angles and can be fixed down making it perfect for both public and domestic spaces, said Mathmos.

The initial lava lamp was designed by British inventor Edward Craven-Walker, who was said to have been inspired by a liquid-filled egg timer he glimpsed in a Dorset pub.

The former World War II pilot then spent years transforming the concept into a home lighting accessory, having spotted its potential for those looking for space-age style decor to fit with the modern era.

Lava lamps are based on two liquids of slightly different density which will not mix. The heavier liquid sinks to the bottom, but when heated by the lamp light its density decreases and it floats to the top, creating a mesmerising effect.

Edward Craven-Walker began his quest by using cocktail and orange squash bottles.

Its creator said: “I think it will always be popular. It’s like the cycle of life. It grows, breaks up, falls down and then starts all over again.”

It certainly captured the imagination of thousands over the past 50 years, starring in music videos and on television, appearing in popular British television shows during the ‘60s such as ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘Doctor Who.’

The cast of Hair! the controversial hippy musical featuring nudity were invited to the factory and eagerly took up the offer. The lamps also benefitted by their association with the Austin Powers movies and sold in large numbers after this time.

The success of the original lava lamp lead to a number of equally popular spin-offs, including a projector to cast the shapes on walls and ceilings, a rocket lamp version and a candle-powered variety.

The First 100 sold of the new design will bear a unique etched number making them highly collectable, said the company.