GUINNESS is one of the most iconic beers in the world: a brew that is synonymous with Ireland. Experts will tell you that pouring the beer requires a precise technique to get the perfect foamy white head resting atop the black brew.

But some cheeky British brewers had a different idea: Could they brew a stout with a foamy black head resting atop a milky white brew? And lo, a “reverse Guinness” was born.

Now a popular pub in Poole is set to be the first in Dorset to serve Sinistral White Stout

The Barking Cat Alehouse in Ashley Road, Parkstone, will be launching the quirky brew created by Team Toxic Brewery at 7pm on December 7.

Pub owner Mark Ambrose said: “There have been a few launches across the UK and it’s proving a big hit and a real head turner.

“The brewers will also be bringing 15 of their other beers down for a tap takeover on the launch weekend.”

White or albino stouts—beers that are pale in colour but still attempt to taste like a classic stout—are nothing new, but though the taste of these beers is deceiving, the appearance is pretty typical: They usually just look like your average pale ale.

But Sue Hayward and Gazza Prescott—the duo behind the Liverpool-based beer brand Team Toxic—had an idea to truly turn the idea of a stout on its head.

The Barking Cat Alehouse currently offers eight real ales and six real ciders on hand pull and 10 craft keg beers as well as craft gins, whiskeys, rums and other craft spirits.

The pub, which has been managed by Mark since June 2018, is featured in the 2020 Good Beer Guide and crowned spring pub of the season by East Dorset Camra.

In the past 16 months it has sold over 1,000 different ales from across the country.

Although it has no kitchen, customers can purchase food from neighbouring eateries the Canton Chinese Takeaway Poole and Cinnamon Tree which they can have delivered to their table.

A Scalextric night is held once a month with the next one taking place tonight. The event will raise money for prostate cancer. Other activities organised by the pub include a Thursday quiz night at 8pm and a meat draw every Friday night.