A NEW boxing gym in Boscombe was raided twice in one night with both incidents captured on CCTV.

A burglar smashed through a boarded up window and wandered around BodySnatchers Boxing before leaving empty handed at around 1.30am on Sunday.

More than four hours later a woman risked injury by clambering through the broken glass to steal branded hoodies and T-shirts.

Now club owner Marc Plunkett has appealed for help to trace the offenders and has thanked the local community for their support following the break-ins.

Mr Plunkett opened the club in Sea Road just three weeks ago on the site of the former Whistons toy shop.

He already has 50 adult and 30 child members.

He told the Daily Echo: "There was a small chip in the bottom of the window which had possibly been caused by a stone and a crack started to appear. I boarded it up until I could get it fixed.

"I got a few calls and texts telling me what had happened and I couldn't believe it when I looked at the CCTV.

"The first person went behind the desk, presumably looking for money, then left with nothing.

"But the woman took a lot of our clothing. It's all branded with BodySnatchers Boxing or Bitesized BodySnatchers for the kids. I know they're pretty cool but I don't think they're worth breaking into a gym for."

He said the woman loitered outside the shop for a while until passers-by had moved on before entering through the broken window.

He added: "She walked straight past a brand new Dyson which surely would have been much easier for her to get rid of."

Mr Plunkett has been teaching boxing for 12 years but BodySnatchers is his first business.

He said: "I have been made very welcome in Boscombe and the way the people and businesses have been since hearing of the break-in has been unbelievable.

"This is a really great community which is thoughtful and caring. It's a shame that part of Boscombe isn't spoken about more often.

"I only opened less than a month ago, and have really been made to feel like Boscombe is grateful to have BodySnatchers. It’s a great feeling."