THIS is a band that has an impeccable pedigree with the obvious Thin Lizzy connection along with members with Alice Cooper, The Almighty, 21 Guns and Ratt on their resume so musically I expected great things tonight.

As soon as the band took to the stage I knew I would not be disappointed. The opening numbers included All Hell Breaks Loose, Testify or Say Goodbye and Ticket To Rise and filled the venue with a beautiful sound that continues for the rest of the evening.

The drums, bass, three guitars and Ricky Warwick's vocals still have echoes of their roots but the sound is right up to date with the majority of the set list coming from their three previous albums and 2019 release Another State of Grace.

Warwick not only took on singing duties but was the band member who provided the banter and commentary with the crowd whilst Scott Gorham and the rest of the band stuck to what they do best, play driving rock music.

Ricky Warwick summed up this evening perfectly when he said that if you want to forget all of the sadness and bad news out there spend a couple of hours at a rock gig and just let it all be washed away by the glorious music.

Tonight was just the tonic most of us needed.