A CORNER shop in Southbourne could have its licence withdrawn after police said they had “absolutely no confidence” in its management.

Dorset Police requested a review of the licence of More the Merrier in Kimberley Road last month following concerns about the behaviour of staff.

“It is clear...that those concerned in the running of the business show a blatant disregard for both the law and their responsibilities and should not be in a position of running a licensed premises,” it said.

Since requesting the review new conditions have been agreed between the two sides which they have said address concerns.

But a final decision will still need to be made by members of a BCP Council licensing sub-committee when it meets on Tuesday (October 29).

In 2007, Bournemouth council revoked the shop’s licence after hearing it had persistently sold alcohol to underage buyers.

Following an appeal, it was reinstated but a condition that Mustaffer Oksuz was not allowed to sell alcohol was imposed.

Despite this, in June this year he reported the attempted theft of alcohol to police and in a statement admitted to being the only member of staff in the shop at the time.

His revelation prompted a written warning from council licensing officer Tania Jardim threatening Mr Oksuz with prosecution for breaching the condition.

Following a visit in September, the force requested a review of the licence, saying: “Dorset Police believes that the only appropriate action available to the licensing committee is revocation of the premises licence as we have absolutely no confidence in the owner, management nor the premises licence holder.”

However, a series of measures have since been agreed between both sides, including the transfer of the licence and the appointment of new licensed staff.

Police licensing officer Louise Busfield said these meant a hearing was no longer required.

Representing the shop, consultant David Ramsay said a meeting would be arranged in mid-November to review the effectiveness of the conditions.

But despite the mediation, a hearing will still need to be held to consider the review.

A council licensing sub-committee will make a final decision on what action to take when it meets on Tuesday.