CAN an someone tell me why we are spending £2.5m on a “seafront environmental attraction” (though I am not entirely clear on how a waste recycling centre counts as an “attraction”) when we have so many desperately deprived areas in our own community that could be dramatically changed by this money and deliver the objectives of this fund far more effectively ?

I can only assume it is to satisfy the “climate emergency” declared by BCP in some way. I am, as we all are, deeply concerned about the environment, but I really don't see how a building constructed from recycled materials on Durley Chine is going to make any difference whatsoever.

In the meantime, we have huge issues to be addressed with our crumbling and run down high streets in Boscombe and Parkstone which, if invested, in would not only create far more employment opportunities, but also take a huge step towards making these areas once again desirable for residents and visitors alike.

Spending £2.5m on this virtue signalling project will serve nobody. If it’s not too late, surely a rethink is in order that better serves the community?


Prospective parliamentary candidate, Bournemouth East, for the Brexit Party, Court Street, Tisbury