A SHOP with the motto "tasteful not wasteful" has been shortlisted for a national award.

The plastic-free Naked Pantry in Station Road, New Milton, could be crowned Britain's Best Small Shop 2019 after introducing a raft of recycling initiatives.

The shop sells a wide range of items including locally and ethically-sourced food, bamboo toothbrushes and refills of household cleaning products.

It is run by Kathy Sirl, whose aims include cutting food waste and reducing the amount of single-use packaging that is thrown away on a daily basis.

Customers needing a refill are encouraged to take their own containers or use free paper bags supplied by the shop. They can also use scales to weigh products, ensuring they never buy more than they need.

Staff say they are passionate about helping the community cut food waste as well as becoming less dependent on plastic packaging.

The Best Small Shops competition is run by the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC).

It celebrates the commitment and creativity of independent retailers and the central role they play in their local communities.

It is sponsored by Near St, the retail technology company connecting products in shops to people searching nearby, and Booost, a soon-to-be launched loyalty, gift and promotions app for independent retailers and their customers.

The winner will be announced at an event held at the Houses of Parliament on November 5.

IRC chairman Mark Walmsley said: "Independent retailers are the lifeblood of UK high streets. They offer tradition, choice and innovation through the diversity of niche products and services. Independent retailers have been, and still are, an integral part of local communities all around the UK.”

β€œThe Best Small Shops competition enables us to celebrate this unique industry.

"It is all about recognising the community and culture that is independent retail, giving us the chance to highlight its innovation, customer service, commitment to community and diversity.”