LEADING figures from such famous names as Dyson, AFC Bournemouth and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee will speak at a free event dedicated to helping businesses grow.

Dorset Growth Fest takes place next Wednesday at the football club’s Vitality Stadium.

Organised by business support agency Dorset Growth Hub, it will feature local and international innovators and achievers talking about the principles, skills and mindset needed for entrepreneurial success.

Speakers will include Amy Dicketts, product manager for digital bank Monzo; Kate Peregrine, global head of social media for appliance maker Dyson; AFC Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn; and Lara Morgan, founder of toiletry brand Pacific Direct.

Guests will also hear from Dorset success stories including Jim Cregan of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Jamie Sergeant of This Is Crowd, Jason Gault of TeamJobs, Claire Burnet of Chococo and entrepreneur and business founder Ross Thornley.

Jim Cregan, co-founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, said: “We want to help projects and events that give businesses the motivation to achieve awesome things. The south coast is a great place to do business. It’s inspiring, it’s fresh and if we can provide an extra lift for those in business, we’re happy to do so.”

There will be masterclasses from business experts in subjects including leadership, branding, HR, PR, chatbots, user experience, digital specialism, audience building, influencer marketing and business mentoring.

Nick Gregory, programme manager at Dorset Growth Hub, said: “Growing a business isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but with this free event we aim to inspire businesses on their way to success, whether that is exploring future trends, raising their profile, expanding their team or reaching new audiences. The talks and workshops will give attendees all the tools and advice needed to succeed in their own businesses.”

Dorset Growth Fest will be part of BOMO Festival, which brings together conferences in technology, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Spaces are limited and more information is at dorsetgrowthfest.co.uk