A VISIT to a takeaway cost one man £135 last week after he parked his Range Rover too close to a pedestrian crossing in Bournemouth town centre.

The man had left the vehicle on the zig-zags at the crossing in Old Christchurch Road on the night of Friday, September 13 while he popped into Roosters with his partner.

Officers from Dorset Police’s No Excuse team spotted the car on an evening patrol of the town.

The man was breathalysed to ensure he was safe to get back into the vehicle and drive away.

Had he failed the test, PC James Leonard told him he’d take his keys and have them dropped through the letterbox.

The breathalyser revealed the man was safe to drive home.

However, because of his bad parking he will have to take a driver awareness course – costing some £120 – to avoid three points.

As he took the breathalyser test, his partner said to him: “I’m so sorry – I just wanted something to eat.

“It’s cost us £135 to go to Roosters – that’s the most expensive chicken we’ve had.”

As PC Leonard dealt with the driver, PC Connor Valentine noticed a man on a motorbike apparently riding too fast down the busy road.

Witnesses said the biker then performed a wheelie outside the George Tapps pub.

PC Valentine stood in the road to flag the biker down on his return.

The biker – a student studying law – burst into tears and vowed to give up his motorbike altogether as PC Valentine gave him a dressing down and told him to take better care on the roads.

As the officers left Old Christchurch Road, they spotted a skateboarder wearing dark clothing in the middle of the carriageway.

PC Valentine attempted to flag him down, but was briefly unable to as the skateboarder had his headphones in his ears.

Later that evening, the PCs were called to reports of a drink driver at McDonald’s in Alder Road.

The driver allegedly failed to provide a breath test. It is also claimed he had a lock knife with him.

The officers arrested him on suspicion of both offences and he is due to appear at court.

A delivery driver was then stopped in Bournemouth Road after his vehicle flagged up on the team’s in-car ANPR camera.

The driver knew he didn’t have insurance, but told the team he didn’t believe he’d be caught.

His vehicle was seized and he was given six points and a £300 fine.

One of the final stops of the day happened on the Dorset Way in Poole when a red Mazda approached one of the force’s unmarked police cars from behind at speed before overtaking.

The Mazda reached speeds of 80 miles per hour along the dual carriageway, which is subject to a 50mph limit, before officers illuminated the car’s blue lights and pulled it over.