THE MILLIONAIRE owner of a Sandbanks home being used as a "party house" has been told to update the house rules by Airbnb.

Neighbours of the Salter Road property, believed to be worth around £1.3 million, have complained about behaviour at the property, which has been available on Airbnb for four months.

They claim raucous stag and hen parties have taken place at the property, owned by Maximillian De Kment, a former professional rugby player and chief executive of estate agents Saxe Coburg and Lovett International.

They also said they have received little support from Airbnb.

But in response to a request from the Daily Echo, a spokesman for Airbnb said: "We have reached out to the host to remind them of our Community Standards and asked them to update their house rules.

"We have zero tolerance for antisocial behaviour and want to do everything we can to help our hosts and guests be good neighbours. Our Neighbour Tool enables anyone to share specific concerns about a listing in their community and when issues are brought to our attention, we take appropriate action.

"The vast majority of hosts and guests on Airbnb are good neighbours and respectful travellers, and, with two million people staying on Airbnb each night, negative experiences are rare."

The spokesman said any neighbours with concerns about Airbnb properties can make complaints anonymously if they wish to do so.

"Neighbours can submit information without having their name disclosed to a host or they can permit our team to pass along their contact information, so the host can follow up with them directly to resolve any issues.

"We treat each case seriously and ensure that we give hosts and their neighbours the opportunity to resolve concerns themselves, whenever possible."

Airbnb said any hosts who fail to meet their standards could be suspended or removed.

"Unlike other platforms, Airbnb uses sophisticated technologies and behavioural analysis systems to help prevent potentially troublesome hosts or guests from utilising Airbnb."