WHETHER we like it or not, the forthcoming general election is likely to be primarily about Brexit. For almost two million young people this election will be the first time they have been able to vote on our membership of the EU. And we know young people are overwhelmingly against Brexit, so they could hold the key to whether we remain or leave.

But if they are to have the opportunity to help shape the future of our country they must urgently register to vote and then exercise that vote. This is even more vital with a Tory government that would love to block young people from voting. It has become clear that Boris Johnson’s preference for an early election date was partly to try and limit the number of students registering to vote.

I have written to vice chancellors across the region urging them to implement successful methods of ensuring students register to vote, such as those trialled in Sheffield and Lancaster to name but two universities.

Student registration is an easy way to reach the third of young people who go to university, but it is vital that all young people are on the roll. I would urge all readers to encourage anyone they know who has turned 18 to register immediately.

MOLLY SCOTT CATO, Green MEP, South West England, European Parliament, Brussels