POLICE were called to a freak accident which left a car balanced precariously on a bollard in a residential street yesterday.

Emergency services were called to Alexandra Road in Parkstone, Poole just before 7.40am following reports of the crash.

Responders quickly discovered that the Audi A3 had somehow hit and mounted a concrete bollard.

As a result of the crash, the vehicle had lifted into the air, with just one tyre on the front offside touching the ground.

No other vehicles were involved in the unusual incident, and no one was hurt.

Recovery crews were called out to help with the incident, and the emergency services had cleared the road by 9.35am.

One witness said: “I spoke with the police and they said the driver might have had the sun in her eyes.”

The accident happened on a stretch of road which has 20 mile per hour speed limit signs.