RECENTLY, Dorset Police's No Excuse team revealed the worst excuses they've ever had from speeding drivers.

Now, officers have listed their top five terrible explanations from people caught using their phones at the wheel.

One driver showed a failure to grasp the mechanics of using apps when they told police: "I wasn't using my phone, officers – I was using Snapchat."

Another probably believed they were making an excellent point when they said: "Well, I wouldn't have used my mobile if I knew there were officers in an unmarked police vehicle behind me."

Officers stopped one motorist who thought they'd got off the hook with their argument: "I didn't have my phone in my hand – I wedged it under my chin, actually."

A dedicated slimmer pulled over by the team said: "I was just putting my calories into my iPhone app."

In an unusual case, police stopped a distracted driver who promptly said: "Sorry, I didn't see you. I was reading a letter."

As reported, the county's speeding drivers often had just as many bad excuses, including one who said: "Surely me driving a BMW must count for something, officer."