ENDANGERED shark species are being served at fish and chip shops in Bournemouth and Poole, according to a new report.

It is understood businesses had “no idea” spiny dogfish and starry smooth-hound were being sold as rock salmon, rock eels and huss.

Scientists were given 15 samples from locations including Bournemouth, Poole and Brighton.

DNA tests revealed 10 examples of spiny dogfish and five of starry smooth-hound, according to a report in the Mirror. Spiny dogfish is classified as endangered in Europe and starry smooth-hound is also considered threatened.

Greg Wannell, a bioscientist at Exeter University, said: “These sharks ­typically take a long time to reach sexual maturity and, once they do, produce relatively few young compared to most fish commercially caught.”

Every fish and chip shop spoken to by the Mirror said they would stop selling the shark meat.