I WRITE in disgust at the lack of businesses in Bournemouth and Poole that have signed up to the Autism Hour next month.

Could I ask you to reach out to your readers and make them aware of this important hour for sufferers of autism and their families? It can make all the difference for an autistic sufferer to be able to just wander around a shop/supermarket without feeling frightened by loud noises coupled with crowds and tannoys offering pointless savings.

It can restrict families simply going into town together so surely one hour of calm and quiet wouldn’t hurt.

Yes, I am speaking from experience, having a son with ASD etc. It can very difficult and upsetting on both sides just to do a normal shopping trip.

The Autism Hour map online shows the lack of response so far in this area.

JASON DI-NARDO, Jacqueline Road, Poole