NEW plans have been put forward to develop land in Poole – three months after a larger scheme for the site was rejected.

In June BCP Council planners refused Stonehaven Berkeley Avenue permission to build seven homes off Berkeley Avenue, following concerns that the area was “environmentally sensitive”.

The firm has now lodged a new scaled-back application for five houses in a bid to address the issues raised.

The council refused the previous scheme, criticising the “unacceptable” parking provision and “harm” it would cause to the residential character of the area.

A report by planning officer Kate Robson also raised concerns about a badger sett on the site.

Earlier this month, Stonehaven submitted its new scheme along with reports which said ecological damage of developing the land could be mitigated.

It also reduced the number of homes earmarked for the plot from seven to five with provision included for nine parking spaces.

Despite the changes, the application has already drawn opposition from people living nearby.

Fay Robson, who lives in Evering Avenue, said the land was an important habitat and that roads were already “heavily congested” as a result of recent development.

“The building of houses in close proximity to the woodland will cause major disruption to the wildlife and birds nesting,” she said.

“Additionally, the traffic in the area has escalated due to houses being pushed into every available corner and Herbert Avenue is already heavily congested.”

Mrs Caveney of Herbert Avenue said that the area had already delivered its share of new housing.

“The area cannot withstand any more buildings,” she said. “Yes, we need to build for the future and this has happened in Herbert Avenue so our fair share has been surrendered.

“We cannot damage the area anymore with a massive footprint so near our cherished woodland.”

Council planning officers will consider the new application in the coming weeks.