ANGERED residents are threatening to launch action against BCP Council after officers approved plans for a new house just two days after amended proposals appeared online.

Council planners granted the application to build the property in the garden of 14 Bure Homage Lane, Christchurch.

While the application was initially submitted as a three-bedroom chalet bungalow, last minute alterations saw it revert to a two-bedroom home. Residents are calling on the council to revoke the planning permission and allow a proper consultation to take place on the amended scheme.

A letter with signatures from 15 households in the cul de sac was sent to the council’s planning department and chief executive Graham Farrant. It says: “As residents, basic statutory requirements and our individual rights as owners have not been met by BCP Council. We all wish to make our objections and have them considered and this remains our position.”

Last year, plans for a larger two-bedroom bungalow on the site were refused and dismissed on appeal.

The letter, which outlines various issues with the approval process, adds: “If you are unable to confirm that you will adopt this suggested course within the next 10 working days, then our position will remain that we intend to have our objections considered in an appropriate way.”

Councillor Margaret Phipps, council portfolio holder for strategic planning, said: “Whilst the description refers to a three bedroom dwelling (as originally submitted), the list of plans as approved and conditioned refers correctly to a two bedroom dwelling.

“The officer’s report has considered all the objections received to the original submitted plans, together with an assessment of the appeal decision. They have concluded that the concerns previously identified have been addressed and overcome by the submitted and now approved plans.

“Officers fully understood residents’ objections and are satisfied these have now been addressed and no further consultation was deemed necessary. Residents’ concerns are further safeguarded by other conditions that remove the right to extend the bungalow without the need for planning permission.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, and to avoid later confusion over the description, officers will communicate to all those concerned with this application that only a 2 bedroomed bungalow has been approved.”