CONFUSED motorists have been spotted driving through the pedestrianised section of Bournemouth town centre on an evening.

At least two cars were spotted near the recently-created Beales Place around 8.30pm on Tuesday, with another car reported on the same section the previous week.

All of these vehicles had mistakenly entered the pedestrianised zone through the open gate on Old Christchurch Road, which is left open on evenings to enable retailers to access their stores.

One local worker, who asked not to be named, said: "It is dangerous for pedestrians, they won't be looking out for cars in this area of the town centre.

"I've seen three cars driving through there in just one week. They drove all the way down to Beales Place and had to turn around and drive back.

"Although they were driving slower, lots of people were walking there at the time, including kids.

"I believe they're driving past the shared space at Horseshoe Common and getting confused.

"They must be driving straight across, and not noticing the signposts near the gate.

"If there was clearer signage before getting to the shared space it may be better.

"They need to see signs before they turn right onto the section of roach leading up to the barrier."

BCP Council transport and infrastructure cabinet portfolio holder Andy Hadley said he had been made aware of reports of some drivers mistakenly accessing the pedestrianised high street at the top end of Old Christchurch Road adjacent to Horseshoe Common.

"The gates, which prevent access during the day, remain open overnight from approximately 8pm to 10am, this is necessary to enable local businesses to access their premises," said the councillor.

"Clearly visible pedestrian zone signage is currently in place, however we will review and continue to monitor this access point.

"We advise people who are unfamiliar with the area to pay close attention to the signs."