A FAMILY staying at the Brooklands Hotel near Bournemouth town centre are thankful to its owners and staff after providing assistance to a man who suffered hypoglycaemia.

Kevin Lockyer and his family have been living at the Brooklands Hotel for almost five months since they were moved out of their house after a broken ballcock in an attic water tank caused extensive water damage to their property.

Kevin, who is diabetic, collapsed on last Monday after suffering from low blood sugar levels, but one of the owners, Anna Robertson, was on hand to put Kevin in the recovery position. They have commended her and the rest of the staff at the hotel for their hospitality and their help with dealing with Kevin’s incident.

Irene Lockyer, Kevin’s wife, said: “On Monday morning, he got up and took his tablets.

“He then went to go to the bathroom and changed his mind and came and sat on the bed. That’s when he started to shake. I asked him if he was alright and he kept saying that he was OK, and that was when he had hypoglycaemia.

“The owners dropped everything they were doing to come to his rescue.”

Kevin said: “It was the worst one I had ever had. The paramedics sorted me out in the ambulance before they took me to the hospital, but Anna was amazing in helping me out.

The couple said, since they have been at the hotel, the owners and staff have been “marvellous” in supporting the family.

“It’s like we’re part of a family now,” Irene said.

“They have been so kind to us, they have been letting us use the laundry services for free and they installed a fridge and microwave in our room to make thing easier for us. They have been so accommodating and they are all exceptionally loving people.”

Jackie Lynch, one of the owners of the bed and breakfast, said: “We always try our best to put ourselves in other people’s positions

“We all check up on Kevin and pester him, saying ‘have you taken your medication?’

However, as supportive as the hotel staff have been, the family say they have still not heard any recent news regarding their house.

“It is just depressing,” said Irene.

“As nice as Jackie and Anna have been to us, we would like to be in our own home. At the moment, if I need to pop out, I need to ask Anna or Jackie or one of the other members of staff to watch Kevin whilst I am gone, but they are busy people and have other jobs to do.

“The mortgage company are going to sell the house for us but we don’t know how much well get for it now.

“What I really hope for is that they rehouse us together, because Kevin’s situation is not going to get better, it is only going to get worse.

“My kids, Danielle and Sam, have been great in helping me help Kevin. If we were separated, it would make both our lives more difficult.”