A DORSET primary school is 'inadequate' and 'significant improvement' is needed, Ofsted inspectors say.

Officials said pupils' progress is harmed by "frequent changes in leadership" at Wool Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School.

The school received an 'outstanding' rating in 2017. However, after an inspection in 2017, Ofsted said it 'required improvement'.

On June 5 and 6, inspectors visited again. Their latest report reads: “This school requires significant improvement”

More work is needed in ‘effectiveness of leadership and management’ and ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare’, officials say.

Its overall effectiveness, quality of teaching, outcomes for pupils and early years provision are inadequate, according to the report.

Inspectors say a lack of stability is to blame for the issues. The report states: “Frequent changes in leadership have had a detrimental impact on pupils’ progress and the quality of education provided by the school.”

The inspector also wrote that “the curriculum is poorly implemented,” that teaching is “weak” and teachers do not have consistently secure knowledge in their subject, although recent changes by the new headteacher, including raising teachers’ expectations, have the potential to "rapidly improve the quality of education.”

The report also praises the relationships between staff and pupils and says that “the Christian ethos of the school shines through.”

According to the report, “parents and carers report that their children are safe, happy and well looked after” at the school.

The inspector has given the school a list of things that it needs to do to improve further, including “planning a curriculum that develops pupils’ skills so they make the best possible progress across all subjects.”

The report asks that teachers quickly improve in a number of areas, which include having higher expectations, improving their subject knowledge and raising their expectations of their pupils.

External reviews should be undertaken, according to the inspection report, to review the school’s governance and use of pupil premium to assess how these aspects of leadership and management may be improved.