A TEENAGER spent three hours in casualty after a collision with a car in Bournemouth.

The 14-year-old cyclist was injured following the crash in Leybourne Avenue on Tuesday lunchtime.

His mum Clare Chapman, who has launched an online appeal for information into the incident, says three women got out of the car afterwards and shouted at her son after he picked himself up, blaming him for the collision – before driving off without checking if he was OK.

Dorset Police are investigating and have urged any witnesses to come forward.

Mum Clare said: “My son had gone into Bournemouth town centre and was cycling home and he noticed a car behind him.

“The car had then gone to overtake him and seen another car coming the other way so tried to cut back in and clipped his handlebars and made him come off. He got up and got onto the grass area and three women got out of the car, one older and two middle aged women, and one of them started shouting at him, saying that he was the one in the wrong.

“They drove off without checking he was OK, contacting his parents or calling an ambulance.”

Clare’s son spent three hours in A&E and has been left with grazes, swelling and bruising.

Since she posted pictures and a description of events online, Clare’s Facebook post has been shared almost 2,500 times and her Twitter post has had nearly 8,000 views.

Clare said: “I understand that accidents happen, but what I was shocked at most was their behaviour.

“For all they know, he could have sustained internal injuries. They had done absolutely nothing to help him and drove off.

“Luckily he had his helmet on and has had cycling training because he said that he was nearly under the wheel.

“We are amazed and grateful to all of those who have kindly shared, commented and assisted. We hope that it is possible to find those who were involved along with being able to raise awareness on how dangerous getting so close to a bike is and how much worse this could have been.”

A Dorset Police spokesman confirmed they received a call at 3.12pm on Tuesday, July 30, involving a collision between a car and a cyclist on Leybourne Avenue, near the junction with Gillam Road.

The spokesman said: “Anyone with any information on the incident should contact Dorset Police via 101, using the reference number 30-272.”