I RECENTLY had a responsible local company come and remove my analogue TV and aerial etc. I rang TV Licensing, gave them my free TV licence reference number, told them I no longer had a TV and please could they send me a “No licence needed” confirmation form and letter, which I received 14 days later.

The form states “With this claim, you are confirming that no one at this address:

“a) Watches or records programmes as they are being shown on TV or live online TV services; or

“b) downloads n demand, including catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer. This could include any device, including a TV, a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/VHS recorded.”

The letter tells me from time to time I can expect routine visits, which are necessary because when they make contact they find one in six people, who’ve told them they don’t need a licence, actually do need one.

I have written to my MP, Sir Robert syms, as I wonder if the government realises as a whole how draconian the BBC TV licences have become – especially as the government and businesses are pushing everyone to have a computer, mobile phone, laptop or smartphone, to contact one’s GPs, hospital, tax office, council, utility companies or do online banking, online shopping.

I myself have not watched my TV for over one year and managed to save over 892kwh of electricity. I have other hobbies etc and I became unsteady on my legs and did not want to fall into the TV.

MARION WHITE, South Western Crescent, Poole