A BOURNEMOUTH junior school has closed early for the summer after a confirmed case of meningitis.

Queens Park Academy has closed its doors to staff and pupils after one pupil tested positive for meningitis and another pupil was taken to hospital with a suspected case of the infection.

Public Health England today confirmed the suspected case is not meningitis after investigations were carried out.

The East Way school closed on Wednesday, two days ahead of schedule, and a deep clean is under way.

The school, which has more than 400 pupils between the ages of seven and 11, is run by the Ambitions Academies Trust where Director of Primary Education Alex Prout made the decision to close two days early for the summer.

She told the Daily Echo: “We had one confirmed case of meningitis on Monday, then on Wednesday another child was taken to hospital with suspected meningitis, although it has not been confirmed.

“We had to look at whether there could be a possible link between them and the difficult decision to close was taken to safeguard the health of all the children.

“Meningitis is a scary and horrible infection that can move very quickly and I am not going to take risks.

“After weighing up the pros and cons I decided to close the school.”

Mrs Prout said the Year 6 graduation ceremony had to be cancelled but reassured pupils and parents that they will be invited back to the school in September for a ceremony.

The school has now posted advice from the NHS on its website for anyone with concerns.

In a letter to parents, Principal Sarah Simmons said: “A person at the school has been diagnosed with meningitis/septicaemia caused by the meningococcal bacteria.

“While the risk to others is very small it is very important that everyone is aware of the signs and symptoms.”

Symptoms include headache, a stiff neck, a rash, confusion and seizures.

Further information and advice is available from nhs.uk/conditions/meningitis or call the Meningitis Research Foundation Helpline on 0808 800 3344.