ALTHOUGH Silverstone may have seen numerous British Grand Prix records broken over the years - Ringwood had its day and made history in 1989.

Hundreds of cheering spectators lined the streets to catch a glimpse of 60 dedicated drivers from Ringwood and French twin town Pont Audemer as they raced in the British Pedal Car Grand Prix.

After a gruelling battle on the asphalt, lasting 90 minutes, the French car 204 Equipe Julien emerged as winners of the Ringwood Brewery Cup.

Just yards behind was the “alternative Panda car” from Ringwood police and in third was the Car Care Centre team.

All three completed a staggering 62 laps around the 490-yard circuit along Market Place, Meeting House Lane, Northumberland Court and the High Street.

The Car Care Centre team managed the fastest lap in 74 seconds and won the Don Cole Challenge Cup as a result.

When it took place on July 16, 1999, the race, organised by Ringwood Twinning Association, was the first to be held on the closed streets of an English town.