BURTON Scout group have finally had their much-anticipated scout hut delivered, 12 years after campaigning for it first began.

The 8th Christchurch Burton Scout Group’s former scout hut was forced to close last year due to its “dilapidated” state, but, thanks to £186,000 worth of donations from several local and national businesses, the scout troop will have a new base.

Graham Markwick, Group Scout Leader at the 8th Christchurch Burton Scout group said: “I think the overall feeling today is relief.

“We have had a few tears today from some people, it has been a long time coming. A couple of the old boys, guys who have been part of the scout troop for the last 50 years, have said to me that they had never thought they’d see the day.”

Six articulated lorries brought the near fully furnished units to the site at Martins Hill Close, but the day of the unit’s arrival wasn’t without its complications. Two of the taller articulated lorries delivering the units were obstructed by a low hanging bridge and were forced to use a different lorry tractor to take them under the bridge.

After some steady driving and several hours of work, the units were crane lifted onto the steel base, which was supplied by Christchurch steelworks company Reidsteel.

Brett Jones, District Commissioner for the Christchurch area, commended the hard work from the Burton Scout group to raise the money needed for their scout hut.

“Graham has done incredibly well to get this all together, but it has been a group effort”, he said.

“Three years ago, we had a smaller scale project at Hurn where second-hand units were transported and moved into place, but it was nothing like this.”

The scout troop are “extremely thankful” for the support from the local and national organisations who have helped fund their new hut, some of whom were in attendance to see the last few units being manoeuvred into place.

Veolia Trust, Christchurch Rotary and the Talbot Village Trust were major contributors towards the community project, with donations also coming from Burton Parish Council, Bournemouth Airport Community Fund, Foyle Foundation and the National Lottery.