A ‘JEALOUS and possessive’ ex-boyfriend who stalked his actress former partner after she broke up with him has been spared jail.

Tobias Gorman, from Poole, admitted harassing the woman after their relationship broke down in January of this year.

Gorman, 29, confessed he had sent the performer in excess of 100 emails and 146 voicemails with content of a sexual nature.

The out-of-work estate agent also made reference to nude photographs, made suicide threats and turned up at his former partner’s home.

He first appeared before the courts in April when he was bailed on the condition he did not contact the victim.

However, in May he breached that condition and has been held in custody ever since.

On Friday, June 21, he appeared before Bournemouth Crown Court where he was handed an 18-month community order.

The court heard the couple had got together in 2017 shortly after Gorman had divorced his wife.

Their relationship developed quickly, and within a few months they were living together and he had her name tattooed on his body.

However, Gorman was described as ‘controlling’ and the couple would regularly argue as he constantly quizzed her about where she had been and who she had seen.

On January 29, the woman ended the relationship for good, with Gorman going on to launch a “prolonged period of harassment”.

Adam Norris, prosecuting, told the court that between January 29 and April 19 the spurned lover sent the victim daily emails.

He also regularly turned up to her flat and even to rehearsals of her dramatic society. On Valentine’s day he sent her an item of his clothing dowsed in aftershave as well as a watch.

The stalking became so bad that in April the victim called the police and they attended her home to take a statement.

While the officers were in her flat Gorman turned up again but fled when police tried to arrest him.

He was later arrested and charged with harassment.

Mr Norris said: “He could not accept the relationship was over.

“There were occasions when the victim had to hide in her own hallway because the defendant was outside her home. She later told the police he made her feel fearful, paranoid and constantly looking over her shoulder.

“The communications go well beyond what is considered acceptable. It was oppressive and was getting in the way of her life.”

Anne-Marie Garvie, mitigating, said that Gorman was a man of previous good character.

She added that he had been suffering from financial issues for some time and that his parents, who live in Hawaii, have been “funding his lifestyle”.

The defendant, who wore a black suit in the dock, was ordered to undergo 100 hours of unpaid work and attend 30 days of behavioural rehabilitation activities.

The judge also gave him nine months to pay £500 in damages to his victim and handed him a five year restraining order.

Judge Robert Pawson said: “There can be a fine line between the legitimate pursuing of someone and harassment but you went well over that fine line.

“You are not a child, you are 29 and of an age that you should have known better.”

“You became unhealthily obsessed.”