AN introspective look at the life of Aretha Franklin comes to Shelley Theatre next month. Musical theatre star Patti Boulaye, brings her one-woman show to Bournemouth on Friday, July 26 as part of her UK tour.

We spoke to Patti about how the tour is going and what audiences can look forward to this summer.

The new show follows on from her 2018 tour, Billie & Me, a look at the life of Billie Holiday.

Patti explained that she views the new tour as a way to share the lives of others who have had an influence on her own career. “Journeys and inspirations that have had an impact on me help to tell a story that is mixed with music and a celebration of the lives of others. I like to tell it like it is!”

Patti’s own career is reflected in her honest autobiography, The Faith Of A Child.

“Aretha Franklin died whilst I was writing and researching and the similarities between us helped to craft the narrative for the show. Whilst performing, there always has to be a message for people to take away. We all have a beautiful nature, but the world has a dark side. Performing Amazing Grace is a moment in the show that touches me every time I sing it.”

When asked what the audience can expect when Patti visits Bournemouth, Patti sums it up in one word, “joy”.

“I want the audience to feel comfortable as though they are coming into my living room at home for a couple of hours. I want people to recognise that coming to the theatre is an enriching experience. Seeing others get up and dance is always a highlight for me. I’m looking forward to heading down to Bournemouth.”

* To book tickets, for Patti Boulaye’s Aretha & Me, visit or call the box office on 01202 413600.