I READ with interest your story regarding all the empty buses along Old Christchurch Road.

Since moving to Stour Park park home site in Northbourne three years ago, I have been trying to get a bus service for the 100+ elderly residents to Castlepoint, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, and Poole.

Admittedly, we have the route 32 once a day service to Poole, but as it arrives at Poole an hour after the second return bus leaves Poole, it is of little use.

Despite repeated appeals to Morebus and Yellow Buses, and the intervention of our MP Conor Burns, they insist these routes are uneconomic.

Perhaps the bus companies could explain through the medium of your newspaper how it is more economic to run so many empty buses along Old Christchurch Road than provide a service along the heavily-populated Bear Cross, Castlepoint, Royal Bournemouth Hospital corridor.


Chairman of the Stour Park Residents' Association,

New Road, Northbourne, Bournemouth