A WHITE van man has been arrested after being clocked doing 94mph on the Spur Road before performing a series of dangerous manoeuvres, police said.

The traffic officers, who later said they had not come across such poor driving in a long time, followed the van for more than two miles at speeds above 90mph.

As they entered the A338 roadworks, towards Bournemouth – which have a 40mph limit in place – the driver continued, failing to lower his speed below the 90mph mark, the police said

Dorset Police No Excuse team, who encountered the van driver around 10pm last Wednesday, said: “As we entered the Wessex Way the van tailgated several vehicles, bullying them out of the way.

“We witnessed two dangerous undertakes. Through the Richmond Hill area of the Wessex Way the van was exceeding 70mph in the 40mph limit, undertaking several vehicles, cutting back across to the outside lane.”

As the van approached Cambridge Road, it was in the left hand lane ready to turn towards the Triangle. However, according to officers, at the last minute the van cut in front of other vehicles and drove straight ahead towards the LV roundabout.

The police said: “We decided we had seen enough and stopped the van on Lindsay Road.

“The driver, a 31-year-old male from Poole who had only been driving since February this year, was shown the in-car CCTV that recorded the entire journey.

“The driver had no explanation for his actions.”

A court ticket was issued to the driver for excess speed, tailgating and driving without due care and attention.

Officers also conducted a drugs swipe on the man, which they said indicated the use of cocaine and cannabis.

He was then arrested and was taken into custody.

One of the arresting officers later said: “I’ve not come across such poor driving as this in a long time.

“The driver is now an Operation Dragoon target and we will be paying more attention to him.”

Operation Dragoon was launched by Dorset Police in a bid to target those most likely to kill on the roads.

The operation lead said: “Road deaths should not be an inevitable result of travelling on the road network in Dorset.

“Officers will not only engage with offenders early on to deter a continuation or escalation of their behaviour, but throughout any criminal proceedings and after their licence is returned.”

The roadworks on the A338 Spur Road are due to end later this month after nine months of work.

Average speed cameras are now operational.