I NOTE that the Royal Bournemouth Hospital are proposing to an extension the size of three football pitches with 120 new beds and 16 new birth suites. At first sight this sounds wonderful news, but hang on, can someone tell me how this can possibly be accommodated on an already severely overcrowded site?

Included in this plan is a proposal to add an additional 100 visitor car parking spaces, but with an additional 136 new patients attracting a possible equal number of friends and family visitors, there is going to be further pressure on the already impossibly overcrowded vehicle parking places.

Bournemouth Hospital is a wonderful hospital but if you ask anyone who has ever had to attend there, except in exceptional circumstances, if they found a place to park without driving round and round for ages, they will all agree that it’s a very stressful experience.

I dread to think what will happen if the proposed transfer of the A&E from Poole goes ahead as this would vastly increase the vehicle attendance and further compound this problem.

This is surely another good reason to leave Poole A&E as it is.


Filleul Road, Sandford