A BOURNEMOUTH MP went to hospital after he came off his bicycle on a busy road in the town centre.

Tobias Ellwood was cycling along Holdenhurst Road towards the Asda roundabout on Friday when the incident happened.

The Bournemouth East MP, pictured speaking to Daily Echo editor Andy Martin, claims a car passenger opened their door as he approached the traffic lights just before the roundabout, sending him hurtling over the door.

He was left with a broken hand and a knee injury after coming off his bike. and had to be taken by ambulance to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital for treatment.

Police and paramedics were called to the incident at around 1pm, and busy Holdenhurst Road was blocked for about 40 minutes, causing traffic to queue towards the roundabout.

Mr Ellwood said he was on his way back from a mayor-making ceremony in Bournemouth when the accident happened.

“I was riding down Holdenhurst Road. The traffic light was on red so I rode to the front.

“A car passenger opened their door and I went over the door, trapping my hand.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said it was “not clear” if any other vehicles were involved in the collision from their record of the incident.

“We will be taking no further action at the moment,” they said yesterday.

Police left the scene shortly after 1.35pm, and the road began to clear.

Lifelong cyclist and owner of Prendas Ciclismo, Andy Storey, said he wished more drivers would abide by the Highway Code, which states: ‘You MUST ensure you do not hit anyone when you open your door. Check for cyclists or other traffic’.

“Cyclists should definitely try to anticipate car doors opening if they’re going past a parked car and ride a metre away from cars,” he said.

“But it would help if more drivers read the Highway Code.”