VERY well done Lib Dem Cllr Vikki Slade, Poole People Cllr Mark Howell, Independent Cllr Mark Phipps, Independent Cllr Felicity Rice, Labour Party Cllr Lewis Allison, and Green Party Cllr Simon Bull, pulling together to form a Unity Alliance.

That in itself is a huge achievement in a couple of weeks.

Very well done indeed. In my view the best and most encouraging news in 40 years living in the conurbation. Hugely encouraging that we finally have a political set up that is truly representing the largest possible number of residents in our areas.

"Unity", spot on. Exactly what we need in our country torn apart by the traumas of Brexit.

I wish one and all the very best for the future. Indeed with newfound enthusiasm I feel 10 years younger today.

I hope cabinet will have climate in the top list of priorities. I think 100 per cent the case for the offshore wind farm back on agendas is overwhelming. And large scale tree planting.

And glad to hear Cllr Slade saying "No-one gets left behind". Well said, councillor. A fair society we can all support with pride.

STUART FLEMMING, Alder Road, Poole